Vault 33 appears in first official shot from Amazon’s Fallout TV series

The latest of Bethesda’s Fallout anniversary videos included some more background information about the Amazon TV adapation.

Todd Howard said Bethesda had been approached by several producers for “10 years plus” who wanted to make a screen adaptation of the series, but the company turned down offers as they felt they weren’t suitable. “One of the people I’ve always wanted to do it was Jonathan Nolan,” Howard continued, stating his love of Nolan’s and Lisa Joy’s work.

Once Howard managed to connect with Nolan, he asked Nolan if a Fallout adaptation would interest him. “Turned out, he’s a big fan.”

When asked about how we got involved with the project, Nolan explained. “Several years ago, I said I was going to write the next great American novel. Then a friend gave me a copy of Fallout 3, and now I’m working in television.” Nolan gushed with love for the Fallout series, describing it as a “humourous, dark, bleak, brilliantly written, annoyingly playable video game franchise”.

Istvan Pely, art director at Bethesda, said he was “blown away” by how faithful to the games Kilter Films has been. “They’re stuck with our original visions and designs,” he said, and noted how well the visuals of Fallout transitioned between mediums.