British woman shot dead at hunting party in France as her companion is arrested

A British woman has been shot dead at a hunting party in France as her hunting companion has been arrested.

The 67-year-old had reportedly been invited to a wild boar hunt when she was “wounded above the heart”.

She was rushed to Saint-Brieuc, Brittany, where she died, public prosecutor Nicolas Heitz said.

The woman was with a 69-year-old male who had carried out a “shot with his rifle, which he was carrying at the shoulder”, direct towards her back, according to a judicial press release.

The man has been taken into custody by police and a manslaughter investigation has been launched.

Mr Heitz said that it is “yet to be determined” what happened as he described the shooting as a “dramatic accident”.

The hunting party consisted of about a dozen hunters and two guests, the prosecutor said.

The two people involved in the shooting were moving through a cornfield together when the shot was fired, Upday reported.

The shooter was taken to Guingamp hospital after being taken into custody.

Doctors said he had not consumed alcohol or any other toxic substances.

The woman’s body has been taken to Rennes Forensic Institute for an autopsy on Wednesday.

In January this year, we reported how a world champion shooter died in a hunting accident after firing his gun at himself as he bent over to pick up fresh cartridges.

Italian Cristian Ghilli, 19, shot himself in Ponteginori, Tuscany, when he collected some ammunition from the floor.

The teenager fired a round into his abdomen and hand on January 6, his family confirmed. He died overnight after being rushed to hospital.

Ghillir, an experienced hunter and junior world champion in skeet shooting, died in the countryside of Montecatini Val di Cecina in the Pisa Province.

The world junior clay pigeon shooting champion was pronounced dead after succumbing to his injuries when medics were unable to stop the bleeding.

The victim also belonged to the Gruppo Sportivo Fiamme Oro, the sport section of the Italian state police.

In October 2021, he came first for the Men’s Skeet Team in the Junior World Shotgun Championships.

He was accompanied by friends on the hunting trip when he stopped to collect some shells at the end of the hunt.

According to the news site Il Messaggero, Ghilli fell and his rifle went off, hitting him in the abdomen and hand.