Sean McDermott: Steelers QB situation presents a challenge, we’ve got to prepare for their system

Signs in Pittsburgh point to the Steelers starting rookie Kenny Pickett at quarterback against the Bills this week and there isn’t much NFL film available for a player who made his pro debut in the third quarter of Sunday’s loss to the Jets.

During a Monday conference call, Bills head coach Sean McDermott was asked about the difficulty of preparing to face a player without much of a track record as well as the difficulty of putting together a game plan without being sure who will be at quarterback.

“It presents a challenge to some extent, but we’ve got to prepare for their system more than anything,” McDermott said. “This is a team that beat us last season at our home field. They were in the playoffs last season. They’re a good football team, a well-coached football team, so we’ve got to move on and get ourselves ready for a good Pittsburgh Steelers football team. . . . You’ve just got to prepare for what you know. Those are the controllables that we can control. Other than that, we really have to focus on ourselves.”

Pickett did spark the Steelers offense to a pair of touchdowns, but he also threw interceptions to end three other possessions and the Bills will try to find ways to force more of those mistakes if and when they get official word that the rookie will be under center.